Dress Code

Members, guests and visitors must be smartly dressed at all times, whether on the course or in the Clubhouse. 

On the course 

a) Track, shell or leisure suits, blue denim jeans, training shoes or shirts without sleeves or collars are not acceptable. 

b) Tailored shorts (not Bermuda or football type shorts) may be worn on the Course and in the Clubhouse during daylight hours. Shorts may be worn without socks, or with ankle or sports socks.

c) Golf Shoes must be worn on the course and must have spikes, soft spikes or dimple soles. Training shoes are not permitted on the golf course.

In the Clubhouse

a) No track, shell or leisure suits may be worn. Shirts must have collars and sleeves.

b) Smart blue denim jeans may be worn in the Clubhouse, other than on the following occasions;-

     The Annual General Meeting (when jacket and tie must be worn. 

     Any formal presentation night, such as the Annual Presentation Evening, Captain’s Weekend  

     etc. On those occasions dress shirt and trousers must be worn. 

c) Dress shirts (not sports or lumber shirts) may be worn outside the trousers only in the Clubhouse, at any time. All shirts must have a collar and sleeves.

d)  Golf Shoes must not be worn in prohibited areas of the Clubhouse.