Booking in for competitions can be done electronically either by using the PSI in the main lounge or from your own computer via HowDidIDo.

Using the PSI

Swipe your loyalty card or enter the pin from it. Your record will appear. Select the competition you wish to enter, arrow down to your preferred time and press accept You can enter up to 3 people. If you wish to cancel, repeat the procedure and click to remove.

Via HowDidIDo

If you are not registered log into www.howdidido.com and create username and password. Click on personal profile/amend my details. Insert HowDidIDo verification code from the bottom left hand corner of your handicap certificate. You should receive a message saying your account is verified. Return to the Home page and click on My Golf/Start Sheets and the appropriate competition. A start sheet will appear. Find your preferred start time and click. If spaces are available you will be allowed to enter up to 2 friends in the same time slot. You and your friends (if registered) will receive a message confirming the booking.

If you require a handicap certificate please add your name to the list in the Pro shop or request via the PSI. Certificates will be placed in a box on the sideboard in the hall.

If you wish to cancel your booking or that of a friend you have entered, find the start sheet as above. You will be offered the option to remove the right hand name that you have entered. If you want to remove the middle name you will have to first remove the right hand name and then re-instate him after you have removed the middle one. If you want to cancel your own booking you will have to remove all 3 and your friends will have to re-book themselves, or remove yourself via the PSI.