Entry is either via the PSI, swiping a loyalty card or entering a PIN or via ‘How Did I Do’. The entry sheet will become available on a Friday evening 15/16 days prior to the competition, with a draw (where applicable) being done the Friday evening prior to the competition.

Members are only allowed to enter two names onto the start sheet other than their own. Members who have entered other members' names onto any entry sheet are deemed to have been given their permission. (For full rules "read more").

The competition format and handicap allowance will be displayed on the competitions rules on the Games notice board.


It is a condition of entry that each player will be responsible for ensuring that their score is returned and entered into the computer terminal should the psi (personal score) system be in operation. This includes no returns and incomplete cards (see CONGU clause 8.8). Players not entering cards will be banned from the next competition. There is no excuse for score cards not to be returned.

Under CONGU clause 7.3 the handicap committee has a responsibility to ensure that all cards have been returned. This includes incomplete cards.

The Rules of Golf, CONGU, and Local Rules will apply at all times.

Competitors who wish to withdraw from a competition must do so before 6.00pm on the Friday prior to the competition. If a competitor wishes to withdraw from a Sunday competition during the Saturday immediately prior to the competition this should be done by contacting the Professional’s shop between 9.00am & 5.00pm. Failure to do so will lead to suspension from the next competition.

The Club Professional or his nominee will act as the official starter.

The competition winner will be the competitor(s) with the best score under the selected format after 18 (36) holes.

In the event of a tie there will be:

  • Major Competitions - A playoff over 18 holes which will be arranged by the competition steward with the competitors as soon as possible after the main event. In a playoff, the competitors will play from their golfing handicap prior to the competition. If a playoff ends in a tie then a further 18 holes playoff will take place until a result is obtained.
  • Monthly Medals and other Competitions - A card playoff.

If play is suspended and cannot be resumed, then if 60% of the competitors have completed their round the competition result will stand.

In match play competitions rounds must be completed by the due dates. The only exception will be if the course has been closed and an extension will be granted for the period the course was closed. In four ball better ball competitions rule 30.3(a) will apply.