Clark Cup Semi Final

 On a calmish sunny afternoon Bishop travelled to Boldon to take on South Moor in the Clark Cup semi final.

The 1st game of the day paired two of the County's heavyweights as Jamie took on County Champion Chris Handy. An under par 18 holes for Jamie wasn't good enough meaning the 19th was required. Unfortunately Chris Handy holed a long birdie putt to win the sudden death hole.
Craig Wren continued his seasons fine matchplay form with a comfortable 4&2 victory over his opponent.
Wayne Hewitt continued the sudden death theme unfortunately going down on the 19th hole.
This left the match 2 - 1 to South Moor with both Steve Ridley and Graham Milne to come home.
Graham also went down the 19th after his opponent missed a short putt to win the match for South Moor on the 18th. Graham was well up for the test as he flew his wedge shot to around 5 foot and holed the birdie putt to win his match.
Almost simultaneously Steve was finishing the 18th and after finding the sand off the tee he made a comfortable par meaning he won 1up after his opponent lost a ball.
This meant Bishop won 3-2 in what is proving to be a very successful season so far. Wynayrd beat Ramside 3-2 on the same day meaning the final is Bishop v Wynyard on the 3rd September at Tyneside golf club.


The Games Committee have now conducted 2 activities where they monitored the pace of play in competitions.  There are 2 main reasons for play being slow on competition days.

1 – Tee time intervals at 8 minutes – The potential solution (games committee to agree this) to this is from 2018 we will increase tee time intervals to 10 minutes, this will certainly help the field play faster and the course will not feel as congested (like we now see in midweek medals).

2 – Groups not keeping pace with the group in front – The fix for this is education, the club need to educate all players that they must keep up with the group in front and not simply ahead of the group behind.

The two competitions monitored showed that the Botcherby Cup (stableford) was a faster competition than the June medal (stroke play), this was expected as stroke play is a longer format.

June Medal - Stroke play


19 groups tee'd off later than their allotted start time

10 minute intervals?

+1 hour to competition day


Average time full field (excluding 2 balls at front)


03:45 to 4:00 acceptable


Average time players 07:30 to 10:00 (excluding 2 balls at front)



Average time players 10:00 to 12:00



Average time players 12:00 to 14:00



Average time players 14:00 to 15:30



Total groups



Groups delayed between 12 - 16 mins from group in front




Groups delayed over 16 mins from group in front




Botcherby Cup - Stableford


4 groups tee'd off later than their allotted start time

10 minute intervals?

+1 hour to competition day


Average time full field


03:45 to 4:00 acceptable


Average time players 07:30 to 10:00



Average time players 10:00 to 12:00



Average time players 12:00 to 14:00



Average time players 14:00 to 15:30



Total groups (excluding 2 balls and last group)



Groups delayed between 12 - 16 mins from group in front




Groups delayed over 16 mins from group in front




Summary - 2 Competitions

23 groups tee'd off later than their allotted start time

Games committee will look to introduce 10 minute tee off intervals in 2018 to tackle this issue

Average time full field


03:45 to 4:00 acceptable


Average time of players who tee off 07:30 to 10:00



Average time of players who tee off 10:00 to 12:00



Average time of players who tee off 12:00 to 14:00



Average time of players who tee off 14:00 to 15:30



Groups delayed between 12 - 16 mins from group in front



Players will be contacted via e-mail

Groups delayed over 16 mins from group in front



Players will be contacted via e-mail


July Medal

Botcherby Cup


Average time full field




Average time players 07:30 to 10:00




Average time players 10:00 to 12:00




Average time players 12:00 to 14:00




Average time players 14:00 to 15:30





Sportsweek Trophy 13.8.17

A Lomax 75 13 62

Michael Wade 70 6 64

Christopher Blakelock 87 20 67

Malcolm Tweddall 82 14 68

D J Veal 74 6 68


After getting through the first 3 rounds Bishop were drawn away to Alnwick Castle "B" in a 4th round match. On a wet windy day Graham Milne kicked us off, despite having to give a staggering 14 shots away to a in form 16 handicapper Graham pulled through winning the game 1up. Chris Thompson followed but fell to a 5 handicapper making it 1-1. Stephen Ridley unfortunately followed Chris after losing to Alnwicks team manager St...eve after giving 6 shots. Callum Hoggart was winning most the way around the course but unfortunately ran out of steam and lost 1 down on the last also giving 8 shots and confirming the defeat. In the final match Wayne Hewitt played a 2 handicapper who's recent good golf continued as he defeated wayne 2&1.

A tough pill for the team to swallow after the recent great run but as they say you can't win them all.

Thank you to all the players in the "B" Squad it's been a honour managing a great set of lads. Finally good luck to Steve and the lads of Alnwick Castle "B" in the next round

Mark Walker

Pros Midweek Trophy Week 14

Pros Midweek Trophy Round 14
Shaun Brown Increases his lead at the top of the Leaderboard with an improvement to one of his scores, also a tie for Second Between Warren Bolton and Jason Budd. 
6 Rounds Remaining.

The Players listed Below are Currently on 7 Scores.
M. Matthews
M. Tweddall
G. Dixon
C. Hart
A. Davidson
C R. Hewitt
C. Lowes

Durham County Teams Championship

Well done to Jamie Birkbeck, Craig Wren and Adam Peart who represented the club at Ramside on Saturday in the teams championship. Unfortunately we didn't win but we're a credible 4th with our +9 total for 36 holes for the six scores combined. Ramside won the day with there +2 total, Congratulations to Ramside. However Jamie Birkbeck was the best player on the day with a fantastic total of -7 with rounds of -2 70 & -5 67. Well done Jamie and back to +2 handicap again 😃

Good luck to our Men's Annodata team at Alnwick this Saturday, our ladies Annodata team who host Bolton this Saturday and to the men's Clark cup team who play South Moor in Semi Final at Boldon Golf Club.

August Medal 5.8.17

Division 1

1 G R Caygill  73 5 68

2 R Mawson  76 6 70 

3 B Neil  79 8 71 

   Maurice Quarmby  78 7 71

Division 2

1 N Laws  75 10 65

2 Malcolm Tweddall  82 16 66 

3 Jim Cameron  82 16 66

   Norman Galloway ) 77 11 66

Division 3

1 Tony Clarey  86 21 65

2 Joe Tweddall  90 20 70

    E P Seery 92 22 70

Pros Midweek Trophy

Pros Midweek Trophy Round 13
The Margins at the top have tightened, 7 rounds remaining.
Below are the dates of the remaining Pros Midweek Stableford.

Thursday 10th August
Thursday 17th August
Wednesday 23rd August
Monday 28th August *Bank Holiday Monday*
Thursday 31st August
Thursday 7th September
Thursday 14th September

TSU Results Week 14

Division 1

Home Away
Wynyard 14 Middlesbrough 10
Cleveland 17 Billingham 7
Eaglescliffe 12 B.Auckland 12
Castle Eden 20 Hartlepool 4

League Positions

Pos Team P H A Pts
1 B.Auckland 14 7 7 209
2 Eaglescliffe 14 7 7 207
3 Wynyard 14 7 7 189
4 Middlesbrough 14 7 7 163
5 Castle Eden 14 7 7 162
6 Billingham 14 7 7 152
7 Cleveland 14 7 7 147
8 Hartlepool 14 7 7 115

TSU Week 14 League Winners

In the final week of the Teesside Union season saw Bishop travel to Eaglescliffe with a 2 point lead needing 11 points to secure the league title on away points. After a nervy finish Curtis Lowes caulked the first point on the board for the team with John "The Dentist" Howarth quickly extracting his opponent 7&6 taking the total to 3. Callum "Lemonade" Hoggart's win made it 5-5 after 5 matches. Our Local Texan James Glenn birdied 8 out of the 1st 10 holes winning the birdie fest 3&2. At this point we trailed Eaglescliffe 9-7 but this was soon rectified with Jamie Birkbeck edging out his opponent winning 2&1 making it 9-9. Whilst a huge number of supporters & players were stood tense on the hill of the 17th tee Wayne Hewitt came over the brow of the hill and gave the thumbs up to his win on the last hole confirming 11 points and the league title. This wasn't the end of the night whilst sat at 11-11 Adam "Ed Sheeran" Peart delivered once again with his half point and drawing the game 12-12 and maintaining our 2 point league. What a fantastic achievement by every single person in and around the team! A massive thanks must go to David Jobey and his team for the condition of our course this season. Thanks must go to the staff in the clubhouse for looking after and feeding us throughout the season. Yet again thank you too our loyal caddies & supporters who continually support the team but most of all thanks to every single player who's wore that blue shirt with pride this season and can deservedly so can now be called.........CHAMPIONS 😃😃😃 Alan Barker Team Manager

Botcherby Cup 30.7.17

1 Stephen Ridley 43pts

2 G R Caygill 42pts

3 Allan Hamilton  40pts

TSU Week 13

Week 13 of the Teesside Union season saw bishop host Wynyard in the final home game of season. After heavy downpours the course managed to survive the weather and game went ahead. In the scratch section Stephen "The Mid Amateur" Ridley secured his place in the Teesside Union matchup after his win with Graham Milne's "hard fought" half giving us 3 points. In the handicap section Callum "Lemonade" Hoggart won (7up) 7&6 setting the way for others to follow. This was answered by... Adam "Ed Sheeran" Peart who closed the gap on teammate Craig "The Sniper" Wren for the Elizabeth Embroidery. Wins followed from Chris Thompson & Curtis Lowes and finally Matthew "SuperSub" Tyrie completed the win.

Bishop Auckland 13 Wynyard 11

With Eaglescliffe drawing 12-12 at Billingham we have a 2 point lead going in to final game at Eaglescliffe next week. 11 points will win us the league, supporters and caddies are more than welcome for the final push


Club Championship 23.7.17


1 J Howarth 72 + 69  141

2 J Birkbeck 73 + 71  144

   W Hewitt   69 + 75  144



1 J Russell (13) 69 + 71  140

2 W Mundy (9) 74 + 70  144

   S Fielding (12) 70 + 74  144

Clark Cup 22.7.17

Saturday morning saw Bishop Men travel to Hartlepool in a quarter final Clark Cup match. First out was "Mr 67" Jamie Birkbeck who won a extremely tight match 1up on the 18th hole. Wayne Hewitt lost his match making it 1-1 with 3 games to go. With Adam Peart romping home 5&4 we needed 1 more win to secure the tie. Graham Milne answered this call winning 2&1 with last man out Chris Thompson won 1up confirming our place in Semi Finals.

Hartlepool 1 Bishop Auckland 4

TSU Week12

Week 12 saw the Bishop boys make the journey to Brass Castle in Middlesbrough. The matchs started in sunny warm conditions but soon changed into murky muggy conditions meaning a few matches finishing in poor light. James "The Texan" Glenn kicked off with a half after an impressive par from inside the trees on 18. Jamie "67" Birkbeck holed a monster putt on the last to win his match and "Big John" Howarth had an impressive 5&3 victory. The scratch section was wrapped up with a... good win from Paul "The Umpire" King who came back from being 2 down with 5 too play winning 1up with an impressive up and down on the 18th.

In the handicap section Steve "Mid Amateur" Ridley continued his impressive unbeaten run with an easy victory with a few holes to spare. Craig "The Sniper" Wren continued his winning streak with a 1up gritty victory.

Result = Brass 13 Bishop 11

After Eaglescliffe impressive 19 - 5 home win Bishop's lead is now down to 1 point. Massive home game next week to Wynyard and it is looking like it'll go down to the last game of the season. This will be Eaglescliffe away in what is looking like a winner takes all showdown.

July Medal 16.7.17

Division 1

1 James Birkbeck  67 -1 68

2 A D Macpherson  74 5 69

3 J G Laverick  76 7 69

Division 2

1 Neil Stein  82 12 70

2 T R Hird  87 17 70

3 Michael Hole ) 86 16 70

Division 3

Steven Robinson  91 20 71

Michael Woodfine  95 22 73

Tony Clarey  95 21 74

annodata 14.7.17

On a quiet Friday evening saw Bishop Auckland B hosted John Hall's Seaton Carew in a Annodata Round 3 Match. "The Local Texan" James Glenn kicked off proceedings by giving a 1 Handicapper 3 shots. James clinched victory 2&1 after a great birdie on 17. "Mr Reliable" Chris Thompson continued to live up to his name after a emphatic 7&5 win. "Cool Hand" Curtis Lowes also clinched his victory on 17 after a stunning iron shot set up the winning Birdie. Nigel Dodd rolled back the ye...ars winning his match on 17 2&1 with help from caddy Graham "Bones" Milne. In the final match Wayne Hewitt lost 1 down after giving 9 shots to a very good ten handicapper.

Overall Result Bishop Auckland B 4 Seaton Carew 1

Finally I'd like to wish John Hall and the Seaton Carew team all the best for the rest of the season. Thanks to all the members who came to support yet again and well done to the team and all those involved in the squad

TSU Week 11

Week 11 of the Teesside Union season saw Bishop travel to Hartlepool on warm sunny evening. In the scratch section Our "Local Texan" James Glenn returned to the side on winning ways after his early birdie fest on the front 9. Graham Milne followed James with a comfortable victory whilst "The Mid Amateur" Stephen Ridley also added a victory making it 6 points. In the handicap section "The Sniper" gunned down yet another victim with Curtis Lowes & Callum Hoggart also entering... the winners enclosure. With the scores at 12-10 in Bishops favour "Mr Reliable" Chris Thompson came through a tough encounter gaining a half to ensure Bishop got the victory

Hartlepool 11 Bishop Auckland 13

Yet another good win on our travels which keeps us top of the table with 3 games to go with plenty to play for. Next week sees us travelling to Middlesbrough Brass Castle

Men's Invitation 8 - 9.7.17

1st A Macpherson & S hetherington   46pts (BB9)

2nd C Thompson & J Burnley   46pts (BB9)

3rd M Ritson & P Graham   46pts

4th G Hopps & D Egglestone   45pts

5th T Stansfield & G Down   44pts (BB9)

6th D Young & S Forster   44pts (BB9)

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TSU Week 10

Week 10 of the Teesside Union season saw Bishop host Billingham on a warm evening. In the scratch section John Howarth & Jamie Birkbeck kicked the team off with there victories. Wayne Hewitt returned too winning ways, wins also followed from Graham Milne & Steve "The Mid Amateur" Ridley. Paul "The Umpire" King raised his finger on the 18th green confirming the dismissal of his opponent giving us a maximum 12 points. In the handicap section "Cool Hand" Curtis Lowes continued ...his impressive debut season with yet another win whilst our own "Ed Sheeran" Adam Peart is undefeated after his win. Craig "The Sniper" Wren gunned down another opponent winning his game. Callum Hoggart holed a super putt on the last green to secure a halve. The final point came from Chris Thompson also know as "RoadBlock" last night.

Bishop Auckland 20 Billingham 4

Week 11 sees us travel to Hartlepool Golf Club good luck to all

Roddam Cup 2.7.17

1 G Collinson 75  8  67                      Play Off TBA

1 Allan Hamilton 83  16  67

3 Mark Walker 76  7  68 

3 Lee Johnston * 81  13  68 

3 T W Nelson 80  12  68 

3 Raymond Ridley 76  8  68 

3 James Birkbeck 67  -1  68


CSS 72

TSU Week 9

Week 9 of the Teesside Union season saw the men's team travel to Castle Eden on a damp rainy evening. Fortunately the weather didn't dampen the teams spirits with James Glenn, Jamie Birkbeck and John Howarth all gaining halves for a point each. Stephen "The Mid Amateur" Ridley took the scratch section to 5 points after winning his match 7&6. This saw Craig "The Sniper" Wren further down the order and into the section section but didn't stop "The Sniper" from gunning down his ...opponent for yet another win. Wins also followed from "Mr Reliable" Chris Thompson & "Cool Hand" Curtis Lowes. Adam "Ed Sheeran" Peart is still undefeated after yet another win with Carl "BBBEEEEFFFFFF" Johnson gaining a vital half giving the handicap section 9 points

Overall Result Castle Eden 10 Bishop Auckland 14

A fantastic result on a awful evening credit must go to every single player competing in that weather. Well done all

Next week we host Billingham in week 10

June Medal 24.6.17

Division 1
James Birkbeck  67 - 0c = 67
P A Maughan  76 - 8c = 68
James Glenn  66 - -2c = 68
Division 2
F A Brownson  80 - 15c = 65
Rob Wringe *  83 - 16c = 67
Christopher Sullivan  79 - 11c = 68
Division 3
A Oliver  86 - 19c = 67
Chris Battye  90 - 22c = 68
C R Hewitt  88 - 19c = 69

TSU Week 8

After reaching the halfway stage last week top of the league in week 8 Bishop hosted Cleveland on a warm muggy night. Playing his first game for Bishop at No.1 John Howarth continued to impress by beating the experienced Jason Jones. Wayne Hewitt remains undefeated with his win making it 7 wins from 8. More wins followed from Paul "The Slinger" King, Steve "The Mid Amateur" Ridley & Craig "The Sniper" Wren with Jamie Birkbeck birding the last hole to gain a half and a point making it 11 out of 12 in the scratch.
In the Handicap section Chris Thompson returned to winning ways whilst Adam Peart won yet again to boast the same record as Wayne Hewitt. "Cool Hand" Curtis Lowes completed the victory with his win.

Bishop Auckland 17 Cleveland 7

Next week sees us travel to Castle Eden. Good luck to all those playing

Clark Cup

On warm breezy Friday night saw Bishop Auckland host Ineos who recently defeated Seaton Carew in the Clark Cup. Form player Wayne Hewitt kicked off proceedings with a emphatic 7&6 victory. "The Mid Amateur" Steve Ridley followed Wayne winning his match along with Craig "Sniper" Wren gunning down his opponent for his victory.
Carl BBBBEEFFFFFF Johnson came back from 3 down early on to win his match with a short game masterclass. Jamie Birkbeck won the final match by birding t...he final hole against Ineos Michael Howlett who won last years Abraham Salver at Bishop.

Bishop Auckland 5 Ineos 0

Credit must go to Ineos as the score line doesn't reflect there effort in the matches.

Special thanks to David Jobey and his staff the course was in fantastic condition and was enjoyed by both teams. Keep up the great work

TSU Week 7

Week 7 of the Teesside Union season saw fellow title contenders Eaglescliffe visit Bishop on a warm evening. In the scratch James Glenn birdied the last to get a half with fellow county player Tom Smith. Wayne Hewitt continued his good form winning his match with wins from Jamie Birkbeck and Craig Wren got us 7 points.
Unfortunately our handicap section didn't add much more to this with Mr Consistent Adam Peart comfortably winning his game along with Carl "BBBEEEEFFFFFF" John...son also winning.

Bishop Auckland 11 Eaglescliffe 13

A disappointment for sure but at the half way stage we remain top of the league. Next week we hope to return to winning ways when we host Seasiders Cleveland

RL Wade 11.6.17

1 I. Campbell / M. Sweeney 47

2 C. Wren / J. Birkbeck 45

3 D. Collinson / L. Johnston 45

Annodata Matchplay R2

On a very windy and rainy day Bishop Auckland "B" hosted Alnwick Castle Golf Club in the Annodata Matchplay Round 2.
Paul King kicked the match off at 12pm winning his game 3&2 despite giving 12 shots in his victory. Stephen Ridley followed this up winning 1up giving 11 shots away. Captain of the B squad Mark Walker won his match 2&1 with Callum Hoggart finishing his morning shift at work 15 minutes before his tee off but won emphatically 6&5.....who's need a warm-up Callum.... Anchorman Wayne Hewitt won his match with a birdie fest winning 4&3 to conclude the victory

Bishop Auckland "B" 5 Alnwick Castle "A" 0

Well played to all concerned on a tough day with the weather and giving a combined total of 35 shots away.

Mark Walker
Bishop Auckland "B" Captain

TSU Week 6

Week 6 of the Teesside Union season saw the team travel to long term rivals Wynyard. In the scratch section "Newly Wed" James Glenn marked his return to the side with a victory with wins following from Wayne Hewitt and Graham Milne with John Howarth getting a hard fought half giving the scratch 7 out of 12 points.
In the handicap section Ed Sheeran like Adam Peart continued you fine form with yet another win whilst Curtis Lowes didn't require the floodlights this week to win... his match. With the match at 11-11 Carl Johnson was the last player left out, Carl was 1up stood on the 18th tee but after making a error or two he found himself out the back of the Par 4 18th in 3. Carl miraculously chipped in for par to clinch the victory which was well enjoyed by the team 😃🍺🏌🏻👍🏻

Final result
Wynyard 11 Bishop Auckland 13

That great victory makes it 5 wins in a row with next week see us host 2nd place Eaglescliffe in yet another tough fixture.

Veterans Salver 4.6.17

Veterans Salver Winner

G Collinson  75  8  67

Over 60

G Johnson  77  7  70

Over 65 Tie playoff tba

W Johnson  88  19  69

A Hickman  83  14  69


TSU Week 5

Week 5 of the Teesside Union season saw Bishop host Middlesbrough Brass Castle on a breezy sunny night.
In the scratch section the top 3 matches saw some tight affairs with Jamie Birkbeck narrowly losing on the last whilst Wayne Hewitt & John Howarth gained valuable halve points giving Bishop 2 from a possible 6. Steve Ridley marked his return with a victory, with Paul King continuing his good form with a win. Craig Wren made 5 wins from 5 with victory giving the scratch 8 p...oints.
In the handicap section mr consistent Adam Peart won along with the Great Man David Whales who continues to roll back the years. Curtis Lowes had the Floodlights on the 18th green whilst he holed his winning putt. Matthew Tyrie followed suit to the others winning his match with Callum Hoggart & Mark Walker getting there first wins of the season giving the handicap section maximum points.

Overall Result
Bishop 20 Middlesbrough 4

Another great result which sees us top of the league. Next Week sees us travel to long time rivals Wynyard which should make a interesting game as always.
Good luck

TSU 3 Man Team

Well done to Jamie Birkbeck, Paul King & Stephen Ridley on a great effort in the Teesside Union 3 man team Teams Championship at Barnard Castle Golf Club yesterday. After round 1 we were a shot behind Caste Eden, after round 2 thought we had a chance with our combined 3 scores equalling level par but unfortunately Castle Eden's scores equalled a staggering -15 between them.

Still 2nd place great effort lads and got too tip our hats on some great golf from the players from Castle Eden.

CSS Round 1 72      
CSS Round 2 71      
Winners Castle Eden
Reg Jolly Trophy T.Harbord
Barnard Castle Eaglescliffe
Player 1st 2nd Total Player 1st 2nd Total
P.Raine 81 85 166 T.Smith 72 69 141
S.Melrose 82 NR 82 S.Donald 87 NR NR
P.Wheldon 82 NR 82 W.Skipp 83 70 153
Total DQ 85 DQ Total 242 NR NR
Middlesbrough Municipal Bishop Auckland
Player 1st 2nd Total Player 1st 2nd Total
A.Smith 87 91 178 J.Birbeck 71 71 142
T.Joy 93 NR 93 S.Ridley 85 75 160
N.McMenamin 75 79 154 P.King 72 73 145
Total 255 NR NR Total 228 219 447
Castle Eden Hunley      
Player 1st 2nd Total Player 1st 2nd Total
J.Trewhitt 84 70 154 M.Hay 80 68 148
T.Harbord 72 66 138 D.Twiby 80 73 153
R.Dixon 71 68 139 N.Todd 88 77 165
Total 227 204 431 Total 248 218 466
Middlesbrough Blackwell Grange
Player 1st 2nd Total Player 1st 2nd Total
E.Butterworth 75 74 149 A.Bates 76 73 149
J.Ewbank 82 74 156 M.Wilson 85 78 163
J.Swash 83 71 154 L.Beardwell 76 82 158
Total 240 219 459 Total 237 233 470
Ineos Teeside
Player 1st 2nd Total Player 1st 2nd Total
S.Telford 81 91 172 R.Hillier 78 75 153
J.Walters 87 85 172 D.Norman 85 80 165
A.Garnett 88 83 171   WD   WD
Total 256 259 515 Total WD 155 WD
Darlington Billingham
Player 1st 2nd Total Player 1st 2nd Total
J.Cowper 81 NR 81 B.Hildreth 76 76 152
A.Inglis 82 NR 82 S.Jones 81 75 156
L.Rowley 82 NR 82 P.McGrath 77 78 155
 Total DQ NR DQ Total 234 229 463
Player 1st 2nd Total
L.Bassam 73 74 147
M.Davies 82 79 161
J.Austicke 77 72 149
Total 232 225 457
Seaton Carew
Player 1st 2nd Total
H.Hamilton 82 76 158
I.Hendry 77 81 158
L.Bond 82 76 158
Total 241 233 474
Dinsdale Spa
Player 1st 2nd Total
I.Pattison 82 81 163
G.Musty 82 83 165
J.Ratchford 83 91 174
Total 247 255 502

TSU Week 4

Week 4 of the Teesside Union season saw Bishop host travelling links golf club Hartlepool. In the scratch section Wayne Hewitt & Craig Wren maintained their 100 % records with comfortable victories. New member scratch golfer John Howarth from Crook Golf Club marked his debut with a victory whilst these wins were backed up with wins from Paul King and a rare appearance in scratch section for Mr. Reliable Chris Thompson giving Bishop 10 from 12 points.
In the handicap Adam Pea...rt, Matthew Tyrie and David Whales added to the points total all with victories taking our total to 16. 2 more points followed with Carl Johnson and Alan Barker both gaining halves.

Overall Result

Bishop Auckland 18 Hartlepool 6

Next week sees us host Middlesbrough Brass Castle

Dowling Cup 20.5.17

Neil Stein   +6

Joseph Tweddall   +5

S Moffatt   +5

TSU Week 3

Week 3 of the Teesside Union saw the men's team travel to in form Billingham who beat Hartlepool 22-2 the week before.
In the scratch section Wayne Hewitt, Steve Ridley & Craig Wren maintained their 100% records all with victories. Paul King also won his match with Graham Milne halfing his match for 9 points in the scratch.
In the Handicap section the biggest disappointment came with Carl Johnson only managing a half on his favourite course Billingham 😃 that was the only di...sappointment though with wins from Chris Thompson, Adam Peart, Curtis Lowes, David Whales and Matthew Tyrie who marked his first appearance of the season with a welcomed victory. This 11 points with our 9 from the scratch gave Bishop a emphatic victory on the road

Billingham 4 Bishop 20.

This is the biggest away win since Eaglescliffe 2013 when we won 17-7. Massive congratulations too all involved what a great night for the team. We host Hartlepool at Bishop in week 4 this Wednesday.

May Medal 14.5.17

Division 1

1 Stuart Whithorn  73   5   68

2 D A Barker 75   7    68

3 Curtis Lowes 74    5    69

4 A I Graham 74   5    69

5 A D Macpherson 74   5    69 

Division 2

1 I Campbell 86   17   69

2 T Hughes  81   12    69

3 N Laws  80   10    70

Division 3

1 Daniel Fletcher  86   19    67

2 Sam Graham  89   21    68

3 Michael Smith  91   23    68

4 Michael Woodfine 95   26     69

TSU Week 2

Week 2 of the Teesside Union season saw Bishop Host Castle Eden on a calm sunny night. The scratch section saw the return of Jamie Birkbeck who marked his return with a comfortable win. Wins followed from Wayne Hewitt, Craig Wren & Steve Ridley. Steve's being the most unlikely win being 6 down early on but birding the last two holes snatched a victory.
In the handicap section normal service was resumed with Chris Thompson & Carl Johnson back to winning ways. New player for Bishop Curtis Lowes got his first win for the club whilst "The Great Man" David Whales rolled back the years earning himself a victory. Ed Sheeran like Adam Peart built on his great victory at Cleveland with a well earned half to take Bishops total to 17.

Bishop 17 Castle Eden 7

Saturday Cup 6/5/17

1  M. Woodfine / J. Tweddall 68.0

2  D. Ramage / M. Ramage 68.5

3  S. Dowson / A. Lomax 69.0

4  P. Taylor / C. Matthews 70.5

TSU Week 1

On what started out a windy but sunny evening turned dramatically into a very cold windy Wednesday night in the men's team 1st game of the season at a tough Cleveland links course.
Historically it's never our best course to travel too but the scratch section kicked us under way with No.2 Wayne Hewitt winning his tight match. Form player Paul King remembered not to leave his putter in the boot and used it to great effect adding to the points total with his win. Wins also foll...owed in the scratch section with wins from Steve Ridley & Craig Wren. The handicap section unfortunately had a bad night at the office with only Adam Peart winning giving bishop 10 points.

Cleveland 14 Bishop Auckland 10

Despite the defeat 10 points at Cleveland is considered a good result, well done to the winners and commiserations to the losers.