Games Notice

Knockout competitions 2017

May I remind all players that all games must be played by the end of the deadline day for the round they are playing in. There will be no extensions granted for players that are unavailable due to holidays, work commitments etc.

It is both teams responsibility to ensure that matches are arranged and played by the deadline date, failure to play matches by the deadline date will result in both teams being eliminated from the competition.

Matchplay competitions from 2017

Players wishing to enter the knockout competitions in 2017 must ensure that they have a competitive handicap. From 2017 players with non-competitive handicaps will be unable to enter these competitions.

To ensure that you have a competitive handicap to enter these next year you must ensure that you have played in a minimum of 3 qualifying competitions in 2016.

If you need any further clarification please speak to one of the games committee members.

Games committee