Dales Alliance Week 6 Results

Crook Golf Club

K Waterhouse & C Hoggart 42 points
R Mawson & P Maughan 41 points
D Elliott & I Campbell 40 points
S Ridley & M Walker 39 points
C Wren & J Diaz 39 points

On a sunny day at our local neighbours Crook Golf Club the team secured 2nd place finishing behind the hosts with our 201 points total.

Crook 212
Bishop 201
Blackwell 198
Thirsk 198
Catterick 194
Bedale 182

League Standings at Halfway point
Blackwell 27pts
Bishop 26pts
Crook 20pts
Bedale 19pts
Catterick 18pts
Thirsk 16pts

Can I personally thank all the squad for there efforts across the last 6 weeks I fully appreciate it. We've had a great start to league and will pick this back up in September. Hope you all have a great season and thanks again 😃

Mark Walker
Dales Alliance Captain