The English Golf Union has written to all golf clubs advising them to review their health and safety procedures

in the light of a recent tribunal case relating to Niddry Castle Golf Club.

In brief -A golfer lost his eye after being hit by another golfers wayward shot.

A tribunal initially attributed 30% liability to the golf club. However at a subsequent appeal hearing the golf club was found

to be 80% liable for compensation because they had not displayed sufficient warning signs on the course.

(Full details of the case can be found in various places on the internet.)

Whilst all sports involve degrees of risk we want to ensure that members and visitors to our club enjoy their golf in as safe environment as possible.

We believe we already have many examples of good practice in place but want to remain vigilant in reducing the risk of accident or injury.

We will be reviewing all our health and safety policies over the forthcoming months to comply with this guidance.


In the meantime the committee wants to remind all members to exercise appropriate personal responsibility for their own, and that of other players,

safety and well-being.  This includes such things as :

  • Adhering to any advice from staff and relevant notices on playing conditions
  • Ensuring you have suitable clothing, footware and equipment
  • Adhering to the club rules re the safe use of buggies
  • Not playing in bad weather conditions e.g. lightening, fog.
  • Warning other players if you hit a wayward shot
  • Avoiding playing through the game ahead
  • Taking particular care when crossing 6th and 9th fairways.
  • Taking care in approaching the 5th green for wayward shots from the 6th tee
  • Taking care on 15th tee for wayward shots off the 12th tee.
  • Taking care on all paths and especially the 7th and 8th following heavy rain when gravel may be loose.

This is not an exhaustive list and we will publish updated information as the review process progresses.

Please inform the secretary should you have any “near miss” experiences to help with our work.