Greens 3-5 year Plan


Our Top 10 Challenges

We have now undertaken a course inspection with the head green keeper, commissioned two independent arborial experts to advise us on the condition of the trees,reviewed the state of the drainage and irrigation system and held an open night to access member`s views on what is important.  We have also clarified our overall budget position.

Based upon this analysis we have identified our top 10 challenges as:

  • The land- We need to be clear about what is physically possible given our prevailing soil conditions and natural lie of the land- slopes, streams etc. It is prone to waterlogging in wet conditions.
  • The weather – Weather patterns are changing. 2012 was the coldest since 1962 and the summer was very wet. In contrast 2013 has seen the hottest July for many years. How do we cope with these changing climates?
  • The trees- We have a rich variety of trees but many are now old and diseased and becoming a risk to players. Some need heavy pruning and other areas may need replanting for longer term benefit. What should we do first and how much will this cost?
  • The grasses – We have a mixture of bents, fescue and meadow grasses. We also have semi rough and rough to manage. What is the best way to manage the grasses having regard to course design,players views and maintenance costs?
  • The greens. We have 3 different types of greens- fully refurbished, herring-boned and original. How do we get consistent putting surfaces and pay for any improvements?
  • The drainage system. This dates back to the origins of the course and regularly gets blocked. Can we afford to replace it?
  • The irrigation system. This was installed in 1975 with a 25 year “life expectancy” and breaks down on occasions. Can we afford to replace it?
  • The machinery – Ours is dated and in need of replacement. Can we afford new ones?
  • The budget – there has been no new significant new investment for the past 5 years. Where do we get the money to do the things members want?
  • Members- We have a diverse membership with different expectations and views. Can we keep everyone happy all the time?

We will focus on the above areas and develop our plans for tackling them.

Watch this space for updates.

J Thornberry, P Graham

July 2013