In order to meet our health and safety responsibilities members MUST take due care when deciding to play the course as it may not always be "officially" closed due to adverse weather. A particular example is in the case of fog. This can be of variable density at different times and parts of the course and is therefore difficult to legislate for all circumstances. The committee offer the following as a guideline only. No Play should take place on the course if players cannot clearly see the 150 yard markers from the first tee. Players should NOT tee off under these circumstances and should wait for the fog to lift/clear. Similarly if players cannot clearly see the clubhouse from the 11th tee then they MUST NOT continue/start to play. Whilst on the course players must use their own judgement on whether or not to continue to play based on the distances outlined above. Please note that anyone deciding to play the course when fog is present does so at their own risk.