Head Greenkeeper Updates

8 Feb

6 bunkers had the new sand put in today, I know you’ll all be excited at the prospect of playing from them, however they will remain out of play until further notice.


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1 Feb

Last 5 bunkers all turfed, all we need is sand. Would members please take care when retrieving their balls and NOT walk up the steep backside.

Bunker Work

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26 Jan

Funny sort of week........ closed with snow one day, gone the next......flooded out one day, then open on all the greens the next! Trees looking like I’d frightened them with the chainsaw........again 😉 Now we’ve just got a mountain of mole hills to clean up and we’ll be sorted for the weekend!! 
Here’s hoping we have a more constructive week next week 

12 Jan

Update- this week has seen the tree work completed at the 7th hole. This involved removing the trees along the right hand side, from the holly bush (front right) to the cherry tree (back right) and the conifers under the oak tree (back left). This tree removal was essential to improve the condition of the green. It will help improve airflow and light to the green, prevent further root invasion (which takes valuable water and nutrients from the green), the cherry tree was only 6 yards from the green and the oak tree only 8 yards, the roots from these trees will be twice that distance. 
Removal of these trees will also help us introduce grass to this area, many parts are bare (despite previous efforts to seed and turf them), due to the shade and water drip damaged caused by over hanging branches . 
I understand many may not like the work we have done, but I hope you can appreciate the reasons behind it, to make improvements, sometimes drastic measures need to be taken. 
Work will start removing the tree stumps next week, in the meantime - watch your step.
If anyone has any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.


7th Tree Work

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8 Jan

Due to the severity of the frost this morning -5 degrees, all greens are on a temporary position. Conditions may change as the week progresses, for up to date information please use the course information line.

2 Jan

Happy New Year to all our members. First day back at work today, the red sky was certainly a warning. The coming weeks will see us making progress with our winter work program, we will be alternating between the bunker work and tree work, depending on the whichever the weather allows.

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22 Dec

After today’s course inspection we now have 9 greens in play (1,2,3,9,10,12,14,15+18), these greens have had holes changed and slit tined. The remaining greens still have a frozen layer at around 3”, we estimate that last weeks frost reached as deep as 4 inches. Further inspections will be carried out over the weekend, when it is hoped more can be moved back onto the greens.

We’d like to take the opportunity to wish all our members, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you all for your support this year, here’s to 2018

20 Dec

Greens update - despite the rise in temperatures, the greens are still frozen at a deep level, which is preventing surface moisture from draining away and we’re still unable to change holes. It is hoped another mild day and night will complete the thaw and allow the greens to be brought back into play. I’ll update as conditions change.

15 Dec

With the ground still frozen, the bunker work has come to a halt. So we’ve taken the opportunity to start phase 2 of our winter program, tree work. This involved removing the pine trees to the rear and right hand side of the first green. This will allow more light and air flow to the green, and prevent further root ingress, which if left would take valuable nutrients and water from the green.



13 Dec

All holes have been moved to a temporary green. The prolonged hard and deep frost has meant we have been unable to change holes, if left, serious damage to the greens will occur. They will remain on temporary greens until further notice. Thank for your understanding in this matter.

7 Dec

A decent week weather wise has seen good progress made on our winter work. The 10th and 3rd tees have been turfed, and 2 of the bunkers at the first had their surrounds turfed.
Given how much time and effort has gone into these jobs, please show a little appreciation and keep off the newly turfed areas. Thank you for your cooperation.

1 Dec

Looks pretty, but not good for golf