Head Greenkeeper Updates

7 Dec

A decent week weather wise has seen good progress made on our winter work. The 10th and 3rd tees have been turfed, and 2 of the bunkers at the first had their surrounds turfed.
Given how much time and effort has gone into these jobs, please show a little appreciation and keep off the newly turfed areas. Thank you for your cooperation.

1 Dec

Looks pretty, but not good for golf

29 Nov

Winter work update - the recent wet weather has slowed our progress with the bunker work at the 1st and 3rd, however I’m still expecting turfing to start next week, though probably towards the end of the week.

23 Nov

Notice to members - please pass it on
Mats must be used from Saturday 25th November when playing from the fairways. New members can collect a mat from the pro shop foc.
Due to the recent heavy rain all bunkers are out of play over this coming weekend, bunkers will be marked with a blue stake.
Post and rope has now been put out, please do not remove them, they are there to protect the course.
Thank you for your cooperation.

20 Nov a

Tomorrow will see the start of verti draining (deep spiking) the greens, while this work is carried out a temporary green will be in play on the hole in question.
Verti draining unfortunately causes significant disruption to the surface, but it is essential to help keep the greens dry and in play.

20 Nov

While this summer has been fantastic for me personally at BAGC, the comments and feedback I’ve received have been more than I could have dreamed of. It is disappointing that despite our best efforts, golfers continue to fail to do their bit, divots not being replaced, pitch marks not being repaired and trolleys following the closest route to the greens (last week my staff pulled a member who had pulled his trolley onto the green to go around the end post rather than the directed route). At this time of year when we’re trying to extend normal playing conditions, by avoiding putting out the mass post and rope, and introducing fairway mats till absolutely necessary, it’s even more important that golfers do their bit and use some common send when using our beautiful course.

18 Nov

Bit of a change to course conditions this weekend, the 10th and 7th tee markers have been moved onto the winter mats, other will be moved when necessary.

14 Nov

Started shaping the bunkers at the 3rd today, 1 down 😊


7 Nov

Bunker work will be starting on the first hole today- while green staff are on site a temporary hole will be in use. The bunkers will be out of play till further notice. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

6 Nov

Work has started this week slitting fairways, this will probably take all week to complete, weather permitting.
We are currently digging a trench for the electric cable to the new buggy storage area, this work will cause some disruption to buggy users, however we are expecting finish that job by lunchtime tomorrow.
If all goes to plan we will then start work on the greenside bunkers at the 1st and 3rd. Digging out the old sand and liner, before lowering the base level and defining the bunker edge.

2 Nov 2

A granular Autumn/Winter fertiliser has been applied to the greens today, this has been watered in, but it is still advised that you wash you hands after playing and don’t lick your balls.

2 Nov

It’s not all good news- unfortunately we had an oil leak while spraying the greens this week, the leak was from the steering system and resulted in drip across several greens. The lines have been treated with an oil dispersal product, which will hopefully reduce any damage.

30 Oct 2

A busy time on the course at the moment, the grass continues to grow, leaves are falling, and winter work is progressing. The 3rd medal and 10th tees are almost ready to be turfed, turfing will be done in November. Next week will see work start on the 1st and hopefully 3rd greenside bunkers.
Following the hollow coring and over seeding of the greens last month, germination has been very good, to help the establishment of the bent grass seedlings the height of cut has been raised to 5mm and mowing frequency reduced, this will unfortunately result in slower pace of the greens.

30 Oct

New flag for 11th green.........Lest we forget

11 Oct

And so the work begins


9 Oct

You’ll all be pleased to hear there’s no sand going on the greens this week 😊
As the week progresses, you will see the start of our winter programme, the turf will be stripped from the 3rd medal tee and the 10th right hand side tee ready for levelling. 3 trees will be felled from around the 10th tee prior to levelling.

2 Oct

Due to the strong winds, and rain that’s expected later today, this weeks planned greens maintenance has been delayed till tomorrow. The plan is to micro tine the greens, over seed with another 5 bags and top dress, this dressing will top off last weeks coring as well as this weeks micro tine holes, once again your cooperation while this work is carried out will be greatly appreciated.

One or two pine needles to blow off the greens this morning!

28 Sep

Not looking too bad considering the work carried out this week

26 Sep


And so the dressing begins

25 Sep

Update on greens maintenance - not the best day to start hollow coring the greens, bigger tines, set deeper, meant the clearing up took longer than expected, so its 14 down 4 plus putting green to do. Coring will continue tomorrow, followed by top dressing. Thank you for your continued understanding while this essential work is carried out.

21 Sep

A test of our flail mower was carried out today. This will be used to cut the heavy rough areas, (ie. left and right of 9th and 4th fairways), in the coming weeks. Mowing and collecting the grass will, in the long term, encourage the finer grasses to establish in the rough, which will enhance the appearance and playing of these areas.

13 Sep

Mmmm what's different?

11 Sep

Following a successful (even tho little damp) bishop bowl, the height of cut has been raised back up to 4mm, the greens have been sarrel rolled this morning.
A note for your diary, Monday 25th September, we will be hollow coring the greens, this will be followed by over seeding and top dressing, the following week, a further over seeding will be carried out followed by a light top dressing. This work is essential to make the necessary improvements to the greens - thatch removal and grass species conversion.
Your cooperation while this work is being carried will be greatly appreciated.

1 Sep

Beautiful morning, but a definite autumnal feel to it!

29 Aug

Taking the opportunity of a calm day to apply an organic fertiliser today, it is essential that this is watered in immediately after application, before golfers walk on it.
While it is not a harmful product, it's advisable not to lick your balls, and to wash your hands and putter after playing.

21 August

It's good to be back after 2 weeks in Marmaris, it's actually nice to get back to cooler weather :-)
I must thank my greenstaff for holding the fort, and keeping up the course in excellent condition

2 August

Early start this morning, micro tining the greens, which will be followed up with a top dressing, then brushed in


27 July

In line with our strategy to promote the establishment of finer grasses on our greens, the height of cut has been lifted up to pre club championship levels, this will have slight impact on the greens speed, but it is essential to ensure we maintain a healthy sward coming into autumn when the risk of disease increases.

21 July

Preparations for Sunday have gone well, despite the weather, the greens units were sent away to be sharpened and new bottom blades fitted, the height of cut lowered to 3.5mm and after this morning's cut and iron the greens are running at 10ft. I just hope the weather for the weekend doesn't have a negative effect on the course conditions. Pin position sheets for Sunday will be available in the Pro-Shop when signing in. Good luck and fingers crossed for decent weather for the day.

July 17

Looking forward to this week, preparing for next weekends Club Championship.
Started this morning with a scarifying and cut, greens running at 9' (without the iron) and still not lowered the height of cut............yet

14 July

I thought I'd share this article with you all, it explains soil microbiology better than I can. So if your interested in the back ground of why we're using compost tea, or just need something to put yourself to sleep, give it a read RT @RECARE_EU: The Role of Microorganisms in Soil Health via @FDI_org https://t.co/ya1CLPIp52 #soilhealth #soilscience @Soil_Science

Click on the image

3 July

Update for the week ahead - The greens will be micro tined, top dressed and the dressing brushed in, all as part of our monthly programme. Work will start in the morning and should be completed by midday, that will allow us the rest of the week to catch up on some much needed mowing, hopefully in the sunshine


Micro tined, dressed, brushed in, and cut.......

30 June

Bit of a strange week, shock horror, stop the press, I closed the course!! Thankfully we're open again today and I've been assured by Wincey Willis that the sun is going to shine again this year, although a definite day has yet to be confirmed.

12 June

Last week's rain has certainly thickened the grass sward of the greens, not alot of top growth though, we're still averaging 2 boxes per 18 greens. This sward thickening can have a negative effect on the greens speed, to help combat this, we have scarified and cut the greens this morning, taking off 42 boxes! The greens were then sarrel rolled, around 6 tonne of dressing sand applied and brushed in. :-)

Another mow after all that work and it's like it never happened :-)


8 June

Course update - despite the weather- which one of you kept asking for rain ;-) - the greens have been holding up really well - all areas due to be mown this week have been completed (well done to the lads for that) - the weather has been good for wetting agent application and also a compost tea application today (the 4th of the year) , both of which benefit from being washed down into the profile - unfortunately the bunkers have suffered this week, but fingers crossed, this rain will clear up and we're forecast a dry day tomorrow, all should be well for the weekend :-)

30 May

I had the pleasure of being the caddy for one of our team players on friday night as we played host to Consett in the Clark Cup. I enjoyed watching the match, but I did have to cringe as both players fell foul to the poor bunker raking of other members, we rake the bunkers regularly during the week, but it is also up to our members to smooth out any footprints to a standard you would expect to find in the bunker. Please take more care when raking the bunkers, as another golfer may have to play from that same position and sometimes in a match situation. Thank you in advance of your cooperation in this matter

22 May

Busy week ahead, early start today preparing for the Ladies open, 2 home team matches this week as well, hope it all goes well, especially Friday