18 April

A short but busy week ahead, it was good to see a drop rain at the weekend, it was much needed, just a shame it's still cold.
Another compost tea will be applied this week, overseeding of the new greens as well as any with disease scars will also be carried out, this will help speed up recovery, and improve the sward on the newly constructed greens.

To help monitor the water content of the greens, we recently purchased a soil moisture meter. This will help determine the correct amount of water needed per green required to keep a consistent level of moisture across all the greens. This reading was taken on the 17th green, following the rain at the weekend, at 46% this is higher than we would like, 15%-25% is our target range, by comparison the newer greens, 1st/3rd/15th averaged 30%-35%.
Constant monitoring is essential to help us provide consistent surfaces, encourage the finer grasses and avoid over watering.