General Terms and Conditions

It is the responsibility of the Society Organiser to ensure that all members of their party are fully aware of these terms and conditions prior to arrival.

Our goal is to provide an excellent service and a golf course on which you will have a most enjoyable day.


Members and visitors are expected  to be smartly dressed at all times. It is the duty of the Organiser to ensure that ALL his party is fully aware of the Club's dress rules. This will avoid any embarrassment as failure to comply will result in people being asked to leave the Course or Clubhouse.

On the course

  • Track, shell or leisure suits, denim jeans, training shoes or shirts without collars are not acceptable, nor is any dress which is deemed unsuitable by the   Captain,      Honorary Secretary or Club Professional.
  • Tailored shorts (not Bermuda or football type shorts) may be worn on the Course and in the Clubhouse during daylight hours. Ankle or sports socks may be worn.
  • Golf Shoes must have spikes, soft spikes or dimple soles.

In the Clubhouse

  • A high standard of dress and etiquette at all times. No tracksuits, shell suits, or shirts without collars will be allowed in the Clubhouse at any time.
  • Smart denim jeans and training shoes may be worn in the Clubhouse with the following exceptions: a) Club AGM when jacket and tie must be worn; b) formal presentation nights such as Club Presentation of trophies and Captain's Presentation night when smart casual is allowed.
  • Dress shirts (not sports or Lumber shirts) may be worn outside the trousers only in the Clubhouse, at any time. All shirts must have a collar and must not be sleeveless.
  • Golf Shoes must not be worn in prohibited areas of the Clubhouse.

General Play

  • No sharing of golf clubs
  • Buggies must be used in the correct manner and strictly not by children under the age of sixteen. There is a maximum of two persons per buggy, which must be kept to the paths where applicable and driven well away from greens and tees.
  • Bishop Auckland Golf Club reserves the right to withdraw/restrict at any time the use of buggies and trolleys in accordance with inclement weather conditions.
  • Bishop Auckland Golf Club reserves the right to make minor alterations to the tee times in order to provide our guests with the maximum enjoyment of the facilities.
  • Bishop Auckland Golf Club marshals have the authority to remove any golfers from the course who do not comply with the above.
  • Golf not played due to inclement weather is non-refundable. In severe weather conditions a voucher will be offered to the value of the green fees reserved for that day.

Slow Play

  • In order to avoid slow play the following guidance is offered to:


  • Stableford matches are popular and quicker
  • Where possible, start your more competent players off first.
  • Texas scrambles are very slow and, therefore, discouraged.


  • A four ball round should take no longer than four hours to complete.
  • Keep up with the group in front - not simply ahead of the group behind.
  • Invite quicker players through especially if you have to search for a lost ball.
  • Go immediately to the next tee before completing your scorecard.
Please replace divots. Repair all pitch marks and rake bunkers after use.
Mobile Phones
  • Mobile phones may be taken onto the course but must be switched to mute. Only use them in an emergency, do not hold up play. They may be used in the Clubhouse.
Flags and Banners
  • Flags and Banners may only be displayed with prior permission and the current rates will be charged. Flags may only be erected by the Club's Green Keeping staff and must be delivered 24 hours prior to the start of the event and collected the following day and remain the responsibility of the owner. Banners that are displayed need to be supplied with the appropriate frames.
  • Any flag/banner considered by Bishop Auckland Golf Club to be inappropriate will not be displayed and will be removed. No compensation will be payable for non-display. Bishop Auckland Golf Club accepts no responsibility for flags/banners not collected.
  • Children under the age of sixteen must be proficient and accompanied by an adult when using the golf course or facilities.
Deposit and Payment Schedule
  • Deposits are non-refundable and bookings will only be confirmed once once they have been received. If deposits are not received within seven days of booking the booking will be released. Bookings made within the balance due period are payable in full within seven days.
  • Bishop Auckland Golf Club regrets that no price reduction can be made due to inclement weather, for part rounds or green keeping maintenance.
Reduction in numbers
  • A variation in number of guests of up to 10%bwill be accepted up to ten days before the event. There will be no reduction allowed for golf changes where the rate charged is on a tee basis.
  • Any guests who do not arrive or leave early will be charged at 100% of the rate or rates quoted.
  • Bishop Auckland Golf Club reserves the right to make minor alterations to tee times in order to improve the guests' enjoyment of the facilities.
Evening Functions
  • For evening dinner, smart casual dress is requested: please refrain from denim jeans, trainers, T-shirts and shorts.
  • The customer shall be responsible to the Golf Club for any damage caused to the allocated rooms or the furnishings, utensils and equipment therein, or to the Clubhouse generally by any act, default or neglect of the customer or any sub-contractor, employee or guest of the customer.
It is the responsibility of the Society Organiser to ensure that all members of their party are fully aware of these terms and conditions prior to arrival.